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The Swedish Labrador Retriever Club’s Championship Show (CAC)
arranged by LRK & LabVäst, Saturday June 15, 2019, Tjolöholm Castle, Fjärås

JUDGES: Females & BOB: LINDA HARVEY MAJOR Kennel: Linjor Retrievers-GB
Males & Puppies: SUE MARSKELL Kennel: Berolee-GB

Notification sent through SKKs online entry via http://www.skk.se/en E-services,

CLOSE on 27 May at 12.00 am (Swedish time)

Puppy class 1 (4-6 months) Puppy class 2 (6-9 Months), Junior class (9-18 months)
Intermediate class (15-24 months) Working class (from 15 months)
Open class (from 15 months), Champion class
Veteran class (from 8 years of age and older)

Puppy class: 200 SEK All other classes: 380 SEK
Membership in the LRK or SSRK is required. Foreign exhibitors must be members of the Swedish Labrador Retriever Club (LRK) or equivalent approved foreign club.

In order to use the online entry the dog has to be in the SKK data base. For foreign dogs please send a copy of the registration certificate/pedigree to reg@skk.se a few days before you want to make the entry online.

For foreign-owned dogs, a copy of the certificate of registration with pedigree information must be attached to the notification. Class changes not permitted after 27/5 according to the SKKs exhibition and Championship rules Show regulations.

Contact: Solveig Wahlström + 46703-5540 61

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